She doesn't let her fear of the unknown stop her from pursuing her dreams! This Princess will inspire and motivate your children to be the best they can be!

Ice Queen

From a land far away, this Queen's number one duty is to bring hope and smiles to your children's hearts!

Unicorn Princess

This Unicorn is the most magical of all and shares hope and joy everywhere she goes!

Wonder Warrior

This fierce Warrior is kind and always seeks after justice! She teaches every child she connects with, what it means to be a hero!

Joyful Girl

Her radiant joy is contagious!

Her laugh and very high energy will keep the kids entertained all day!


She's late! She's late!

But always on time for your little ones!

Fun etiquette lessons will teach your children some good manners!

Snow White

Have a moment of sweetness and kindness with this beautiful, timeless fairytale Princess! 

Polynesian Princess

From the islands of Hawai'i this beautiful wahine will bring your little one the

Spirit of Aloha!

Spider Hero

This is Maui's Neighborhood Super Spider! He watches from the rooftops to help those in need!

This spider will teach your children what it truly means to be a hero!


Glamour and Pink is what this Princess is all about!!

Enjoy a glittertastic time with this Barbie!

Little Mermaid

She travels all over the sea to meet new friends! The children will love her bright, beautiful fin.

She's perfect for a pool or beach party!     

Arabian Princess

In an enchanted desert lives a mighty Princess! She is strong and brave. She will have your children's imagination souring!

Monster Momo

This bubbly and happy Monster loves to teach kids kindness... While singing fun songs of course!

Your littlest ones eyes will sparkle when they see their favorite monster!

Beauty Princess

This kind hearty beauty loves to have fun and dream! For a joyous time, this Princess will make your child's day extra memorable!

Snow Sister

This kind hearty beauty loves to have fun and dream! For a joyous time, this Princess will make your child's day extra memorable!

Miss Mouse

This bubbly and cute Mouse will have your little ones smiling ear to ear!

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