Frequently asked questions

Are wearing Face Masks and Social Distancing required?

Yes. Failure to comply with Hawai’i Regulations puts our performers and clients at risk and will result in the immediate dismissal of Imagination Reality LLC’s services and presence.There will be no refund or partial refund.

How do I book your Services?

Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact - Fill Out Form With Requested Information and Services
  2. Marissa Will Contact You With Confirmation or Options
  3. Once Date, Time, and Location Are Confirmed - A Non-Refundable $50 Will Be Paid or Pay In Full
  4. Payment: Paypal, Venmo, Check, Cash, ect

What happens if I cancel?

Cancellation: You may cancel at any time, however, under no circumstances will we refund the $50 deposit.

Do you give refunds?

Refunds: No Refunds will be given unless proof of emergency or mutually agreed upon bad weather. In these situations, refund will be given in full.