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"Let Your Aloha Shine"



Our desire is simple: To inspire children and our youth by creating a singing competition for high school students and to assist in putting their dreams into action.


We have become a society where we’ve become complacent to the walls that society puts around us that we continuously forget that we may be crushing dreams of our youth.


At Imagination Reality, “Dream it, Believe it, Create it.” we believe our motto promotes this very action of celebrating the talent of the youth in our community.

Marissa Molina, owner of Imagination Reality, has always lived her life through creativity and a passion for mentoring youth. This vision was born when she was working at the YMCA helping her school in the A+ Talent Show. After seeing the untapped talent, working so closely with the families there, and knowing the difficulties of living in Hawai'i, her heart grew for the Hawaiian people. 


The first thing to be cut out in school programs are music and art. Psychologically these programs help children and youth in their cognitive abilities, emotional processing, and problem solving skills.


Kiana Cordero, manager of Imagination Reality, was born and raised on Maui, Hawaii. Coming from a family of Hawaiian decent with gifted musical abilities, Kiana has been involved in the County of Maui to improve it's economics and has been involved in multiple online singing competitions.


When Marissa proposed this vision to Kiana, she did not hesitate to make it happen. We believe this program will inspire the youth in our community to pursue their dreams and to stand against society in what they believe is right for our community, the Hawaiian culture, and Hawaiian economic.s

We plan to promote and submerge ourselves in the community in order to have this event be a benefit not for Imagination Reality, but for the community and the families this event may touch.

We are asking you to help us promote this to the public in any way you feel lead to. Whether that is to volunteer, sponsor, fund, join in partnership or promote by passing out signs, we will be grateful for your participation.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Marissa Molina and Kiana Cordero

Hear their stories in the "About Us" section on the website.


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