Let us design your dream theme, set up, and tear down

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​From prepping your themed party or event to delivery, set up & pick up, we provide you with luxury themed parties!

  • Delivery, Set-Up & Pick Up

  • Choice of color scheme or Theme

  • Kid's Table Design

  • Teepee Parties

  • Spa Parties

  • Painting Parties

  • Build-A-Bear Parties

  • Makeover Parties

Dining table .jpg

Kid's Table Design

  • Delivery, Set-Up & Pick Up

  • Choice of  Theme

  • Table(s)

  • Between 4-20 Child Size Chairs

  • Table Design Materials

  • Themed Centerpiece

  • Decorative Paper Plates/Glass Plates, Plastic Cups/Glass Cups, & Disposable/Fabric Napkins

  • Child Size Metal Utensils/Plastic Utensils

  • Unfilled Themed Party Favor Boxes or Bags

Rapunzel Maui Kids Birthday Party Planner Hawaii Children Table Chairs Rental Dining Teepe

Teepee Parties

  • Delivery, Set-Up & Pick Up


  • Choice of Theme

  • Between 1-10 Toddler Size Teepees

  • Between 1-10 Kid's Size Teepees

  • Choice of Rug or Blow Up Mattress

  • Decorative Pillows

  • Fairy Lights

  • Teepee Design Materials

    Additional Themed Table Accents

  • Themed Breakfast Tray Accents

Rapunzel Maui Kids Birthday Party Planner Hawaii Children Table Chairs Rental Dining Teepe

Themed Arts & Crafts Table

  • Delivery, Set-Up & Pick Up

  • Between 4-20 Child Size Stools

  • Table(s)

  • Choice of Theme

  • Painting Supplies, Canvas with Themed Image, Easel, & Smocks

  • Themed Coloring Pages with Crayons or Markers or Magic Ink Coloring Pages

  • Build-A-Bear Themed Animal with unstuffed animal, Stuffing, & T-Shirt


RENTAL DURATION:  All Rentals are in a 6- hour period from 11AM up to 7PM weekdays and 8PM weekends; anything in excess would be charged accordingly. 

DELIVERY & PICK UP TIMEFRAMES: There is a travel fee, for a REGULAR wide window for delivery & pickup. If your event is time-sensitive, there may be additional fees.

NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT & PAYMENTS: Transactions with us are all final and non-refundable, so please make sure everything's confirmed before putting your money down. Have a back up location in case of bad weather. If availability permits, we can reschedule.

SET UP:  Every Set Up takes between an hour to 90 minutes to set up.

TEAR DOWN: Besides the party favors, everything included must remain in place for set up (including decorations, cups, silverware, ECT.) Anything missing will be deducted from your deposit. Tear down takes between 25 Minutes to an Hour.

SANITIZATION: After each booking, every chair, table, accessories, and linen are thoroughly cleaned.



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